Re:story on plagarism on NPR

## On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Bert J. Dempsey wrote:
## >   plagarism is plagarism... 
## > 
## >   the internet twist seems to me to be another example where the 
## >         readiness of copying and instant availability of information 
--> Kim..
##         Or, perhaps, the ready availability of information now has changed
## people's view of information...Perhaps to most people, it isn't really
## plaigarism to download, edit, and reprint a file, whereas photocopying a
## dissertation in a library, retyping it, and then publishing it seems
## somehow more "wrong."

Yes! I agree. Plagarism has always been there but maybe has increased more  with 
the advent of WWW. But I still respect a (paper) based book and think twice before
photocopying etc..but with internet one gets a feeling that everything belongs to
"nobody" and anybody belonging to "www" can do whatever they want. One certainly has
to restrict the "permissions" of the users...Its all  sys admins fault! ;) Dont give
everybody read permissions. Make it 400 or something! ;).

Also I think there are explicit laws for copyright in the USA(leave India and
Argentina) which can readily be used in the WWW but the problem comes with
implementation. Maybe WWW was designed for FREE information flow..where one doesnt 
worry or care about his/her copyright..Commercialization of WWW maybe not have been
envisioned (the first ideas did not come from  USA)! Who would have imagined that
a guy downloads a page and publishes as if its his/her paper? Even so there are  already
laws that cater to it. Breaking the law/ethics have always been easy...making people
understand why it is wrong is what is more important...and it WILL apply MOST to the
internet and www.

"When in doubt deny all terms and definition"
	-Calvin & Hobbes.
PS: For example is it wrong to have the above quote from Calvin and Hobbes?
I have a bookcopy..i have a copy of some phrases in hard disk?