Re:story on plagarism on NPR

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, Kim Stahl wrote:
> Perhaps to most people, it isn't really
> plaigarism to download, edit, and reprint a file, whereas photocopying a
> dissertation in a library, retyping it, and then publishing it seems
> somehow more "wrong."

	i'm inclined to agree. i think there is a fundimental difference
between information in digital form and paper form - specificly that ease
of copying. if your having the information in no way, at no time, deprives
someone else from having that information it doesn't feel quite accurate
to see the information as "taken" or "stolen". if (if!) there is a rise in
plagerism part of it might be due to misunderstanding that the relevant
ownership has nothing to do with possession (or necessarily use). 


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