on-line reserves

Out of curiousity, I followed up somewhat on the issue that we had
discussed in class regarding the on-line reserves.  Durham Tech has
decided not to do it at present, but is still investigating the options.
Duke has it available.  You can see their access pages at
<http://www.lib.duke.edu> I could look at all of that from home, but when
I tried to access the actual materials, I got code 403: Forbidden.
Presumably if I were on the Duke campus using a Duke machine, I could get
Everything has to be accessed by looking up the materials from a course
list, which I couldn't access either.  Beyond that, they repeatedly
referred users to some web pages describing fair use policies regarding
downloading and printing.  It would seem that much as a library, they are
relying on the users' responsibility in following copyright law.

Serena Fenton