Re: on-line reserves

The notion of on-line reserves was also debated at Virginia as we.. They 
incorporated several takes. 

First the library would put almost anything on-line with campus access
restrictions (must end in virginia.edu). Their library's Electronic Text 
Center will scan and upload materials just as our will put xeroxes in our 
box under those access restrictions.

Some professors, including one to whom I am married, would place whatever 
materials that their class required on-line with a notice, similar to the 
Duke ones, that th materials were for class use only and others should 
not use them. The argument on this side is that this is exactly 
how material access is handled in the paper/xerox world and that no noe 
entering the library would be denied access to reserved materials.

I have, in one of my boxes yet unpacked, Jerry Campbell's article in 
Association of Research Libraries Journal on his approach at Duke 
(written just before he left for California) if anyone would like to read it.

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