Pro-encryption bill boosts U.S. firms

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., introduced a bill on Wednesday of interest to
the class (the full article is available at

>The measure allows U.S. firms to export "generally available encryption
>software and hardware if a product with comparable security is commercially
>available from foreign suppliers."
>        The White House has long held that high-level encryption products
>are not "generally available" from foreign suppliers. That belief was
>challenged by Apple Computer, however, which, as MSNBC first reported
>several weeks ago, has committed to buying Belgium-made encryption software
>for use throughout its worldwide operation. Apple told MSNBC it was
>essentially forced to use a foreign supplier because the White House rules
>don't allow a U.S. company to develop encryption software strong enough to
>meet the commercial threats a global market imposes on a multinational