Amazon books

Apropos of Internet Commerce, I am an admirer of Kipling and went to
Amazon to find out if there are any books of his that I have not read.
There were.

Found amazon books

got their cover page

got their search page
(but their server failed when I looked for commentary on Kipling by
Bridget Brophy.  In fact, if anyone knows where to find her work, "Fifty
Books We Can Do Without", I would be obliged.  It may not be a book.)

got the first order page

got the secure (little key showing) page 

page where I put my credit card number in
(minus some numbers at the end)
(plus at sidetrack to their security explanation page, whence I sent them
mail asking what bit level their security was)
(And another sidetrack to find out how much the shipping was)

final order last button push page

confirm order thank you page

back to amazon

Now, I left some of the numbers off because I don't think the files
continue to exist and if they do, I think reading my credit card number
would just bore you.

But slate (requisite microsoft hssssssss, from the gallery) slammed them a
little bit for the welter of pages that one must traverse to order the
book.  Given the coupling of the search with the purchase, I found the
whole process to be very convenient.  Maybe they smoothed it out after
their flame war or maybe I'm not an average user, but it seemed to work
just fine.  We'll see if my bill comes up with any extra purchases next

Karl Lietzan (^^;) 
e-mail:  lietk@ruby.ils.unc.edu
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