Saving the internet(on tape)

A guy in San Francisco is saving page he finds on the web to a tape
machine, and he's trying to find every page possible.  I found the story
interesting because of the blase attitude about copyright and because of
the scale of the enterprise, which seemed smaller than one might expect:

		The entire Word Wide Web
                is currently estimated to contain about 1.5 terabytes (or
                1.5 million megabytes) of data. Newsgroups, FTP
                sites, and other Internet subsystems account for another
                5.5 or so terabytes. (Compare these numbers with the
                20 terabytes of ASCII data contained in the Library of
                Congress' 20 million books or the 8 terabytes of data
                at the average video store.) With tape-cassette storage
                costing only $20 per gigabyte (1 billion bytes),
                archiving the Internet is practically economical.

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