Re: Merger Mania (was: Modem Wars)

  it is interesting---we are shaping up to have 2 very big 
   gorillas --- not so much fighting to the death, i 
  would say, as both getting very rich...

  it is amazing how many of the big name people in networking 
 	have been bought up by these 2 companises

  modem-in-software --> marginal cost goes to zero.
  this is a very important trend to watch forin multimedia--
	 as the chips get fast enough the special-purpose  
	 hardware disappears (no more mpeg cardds or even 
	 sound cards).

				---bert j

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, W. John MacMullen wrote:

-->On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Paul Jones wrote:
-->> One slight correction: 3-Com is buying USRobotics not Cisco. 
-->I know. This either proves that I shouldn't believe everything I hear
-->in the news without checking it out, or that the mainstream media has no
-->idea what computer networking is, and therefore can't distinguish between
-->two companies as different as Cisco and 3Com (or at least the reporter who
-->said Cisco). Or both.
-->I still stand by my half tongue-in-cheek statement about Intel buying
-->Motorola. If Intel can develop (or buy) a modem on a chip to stick on
-->their motherboards, there won't be any need for modem companies.
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