Re: Merger Mania (was: Modem Wars)

>I still stand by my half tongue-in-cheek statement about Intel buying
>Motorola. If Intel can develop (or buy) a modem on a chip to stick on
>their motherboards, there won't be any need for modem companies.

It isn't *that* easy to buy an industry.  Intel can't arbitrarily  raise
the price of their processors and motherboards anymore.  Competition from
the little guys, like AMD, exerts pressure in that market.

Also (watch me ignore that half tongue in your cheek), keep in mind that
Motorola is much bigger than Intel; $27 billion in revenues vs. $16
billion; three times the number of employees, and a hell of lot more
product diversity.  Neither one is in a position to buy the other, at least
right now, especially Intel.