On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Chris Brannon wrote:

## The idea of universities degenerating into a system of
## techno-correspondence courses and satellite community colleges just seems
## ludicrous.  How could that possibly be so much cheaper?  Because we can
## save money on professor salaries by eliminating the "excess?"  Because we
## can have fully interactive, two-way video classes with a professor and
## 10,000 remote students at once?  Because everyone can live at home with
## their parents, instead of living in a dorm?  Exactly how will that improve
## "the content or the quality of education?"

I have to agree and disagree with u Chris. The keyword is "higher
education". "higher" education in universities , as Drucker says, may
become totally online. Distance education, I think, takes a new meaning
with internet technology..things are faster with online classes etc..
and it allows for global reach. I can tune into future inls 310-076
classes from my desktop here or from India and I can totally be unaware
whether the window sil painting  of sils is peeling out or for that matter 
whether the professor is teaching from  his/her house or from Manning
hall doesnt matter....

Quality of educations is the global reach it takes...

"Is it a good time or what? ;)" ;)

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