It seems to me that universities will survive as a very different entity
than they are now.  Already private funding supports much of what happens
on our campuses.  Have you noticed that Manning is eroding a bit at the
edges?  Paint is peeling on the cupola and all of the other wood on the
exterior (ie window sills).  All of the stairwells are water-damaged.  The
last time our front hall got a face lift was when Dr. Daniel became dean
(15/20 years ago?)- love that green and the faded pictures.

Now, has anyone visited the business school lately?  Their current 
building is in pretty good shape, yet in July, they're moving into a new
building.  Price tag: $25 million.  The new building is a true palace of
education: marble halls, grand staircase, lecture halls with terminals
for laptops at each seat. By terminals, I mean each seat is hard wired
with a category 5 copper connection and an electrical outlet.  The copper
connections go to the AV room where they are connected to fiber.  Each
study room and office has a direct fiber direction.

I think the funders behind the business school are betting that campus
life won't be dead in 30 years.

Serena Fenton

On Thu, 27 Feb 1997, Paul Jones wrote:

> Renowned management consultant and author Peter Drucker says:  "Thirty years
> from now the big university campuses will be relics.  Universities won't
> survive.  It's as large a change as when we first got the printed book.  Do
> you realize that the cost of higher education has risen as fast as the cost
> of health care? ...  Such totally uncontrollable expenditures, without any
> visible improvement in either the content or the quality of education, means
> that the system is rapidly becoming untenable.  Higher education is in deep
> crisis...  Already we are beginning to deliver more lectures and classes off
> campus via satellite or two-way video at a fraction of the cost.  The
> college won't survive as a residential institution. "  (Forbes 10 Mar 97)
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