about University overhead (aka skimming off the top of grants): of every 
NSF grant given 40% goes to overhead. What does that cover? Your office, 
business support, library buys (journals and books), graduate stipends, 
general university infrastructure, a certain ammount to your department, 
a certain ammount to be redistributed by the chancellor--and at UNC a 
certain amount to go to other campuses if the President so chooses. But 
also be aware that in many departments of medicine and science, faculty 
salaries are increased by time spent on grants and that faculty get a 
base salary and are expected to raise the rest in grant income.
think of overhead as a kind of tax for services and support, a plan 
underwhich the most successful (financially) help support the (needed) 
but less successful (financially). this omits the salary portion.
BTW ALL research universities take overhead.

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