I don't think it's just the U. of V, that skims money off the top of 
grants to parcel out -- I think it's SOP for most universities. I 
attended one of those informal classes downstairs in IRSS in 
grant-writing and apparently you have to write into your budget 25 
percent for the university -- because that's what they require to 
administer it. It seems like lots of money taken out. But I can also see 
the flip side. I happen to know of one college dean somewhere in Texas 
who has taken a $50,000+ grant to use to bring in a public relations 
consultant to improve the university's image. So maybe using the 
university to administer funds is a good way to ensure that money is used 
for what it was originally intended by the funding source?

On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Paul Jones wrote:

> On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Chris Brannon wrote:
> > 
> > Are you arguing that future campuses will consist entirely of privately
> > medical and business schools, because the other buildings will have rotted
> > away?  :-)
> Actually two Schools at teh Universiry of Virginia have made serious 
> noise (and fund-raising) over the fact the the state (of Va) is too
> restrictive in various areas (salary, hiring, supplies, bids, etc) and
> that they might forego state funding for their independence. they both
> have great buildings with the names of big law firms and big businesses on
> every room.
> One part of their complaint that was hidden is that the University takes a
> certain ammount of overhead from each grant and from some gifts to use on
> underserved departments--such as English and History. The richer Schools
> wan to keep their own monies..
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