On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Chris Brannon wrote:
> Are you arguing that future campuses will consist entirely of privately
> medical and business schools, because the other buildings will have rotted
> away?  :-)
Actually two Schools at teh Universiry of Virginia have made serious 
noise (and fund-raising) over the fact the the state (of Va) is too
restrictive in various areas (salary, hiring, supplies, bids, etc) and
that they might forego state funding for their independence. they both
have great buildings with the names of big law firms and big businesses on
every room.
One part of their complaint that was hidden is that the University takes a
certain ammount of overhead from each grant and from some gifts to use on
underserved departments--such as English and History. The richer Schools
wan to keep their own monies..

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