On Fri, 28 Feb 1997, Chris Brannon wrote:

## I don't believe it.  I've taken enough huge classes, where it was
## impossible to participate in discussions or interact wit hthe professors
## simply because there were too many people.  That problem will only be
## magnified in your example.

Universities WILL survive but a new meaning would evolve for it. The concept
of a "campus" would encompass the whole world as a campus. Interaction
problems Do exist...but physical distance between classrooms and students 
virtually dont exist...Look at this way...before internet(i mean the web)
the research classes done over in the USA/UK was virtually inaccessible for a
student like me...

## Do you really think you'd be getting the same education if you were
## watching high-tech videos of all the lectures, but not surrounding yourself
## with other graduate students?  I think the case would even be worse in a
## program like English or Political Science.

Nope..I didnt say that. Atleast I would be better off with NOT having it at
all. Big decisions in the business world nowadays seem to be made over
virtual tables...and for that matter the RFC's is a good example where
interactions thro internet is JUST enough for standard to evolve..
I am not saying human to human interactions in a close room will STOP
but would make it more meaningful and useful..

As I said earilier, the key is "higher" education....