Re: Drucker revisited (fwd)

It is probably too much to hope for for the *web* to do better, but some
enterprising soul may write a program or two, possibly involving the
concept of push, where the content and applications that are visible from
a given child's computer are tuned to the desires of the parent for the
education of that child.

On Tue, 4 Mar 1997, Bert J. Dempsey wrote:

>  kim--	
> 	thanks for this post.
> 	the bumper sticker on my car says "Kill Your Television" 
> 	 and i found this line below just too ironic:
> -->... and there will not be many school children 
> -->who will not have had some television in their educational experience . . 
> 	tv is certainly "educating" our children today.
> 	and the question is:
>  	  can the Web be expected to do better?
> 						---bert

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