Re: childhood alternatives/ kill your TV?

I agree with Karl; computers are outstanding tools for learning and
creativity.  The concept of a "PC Potato" hardly implies mindless
absorption of ideas.

In response to Serena's other comment:

> Waldorf schools don't advocate killing your TV, but they do ask that all
> families agree to not allow their children to watch TV at all.  They
> have very limited computer usage in the upper grades.  The ideas is that
> the child's mind is allowed (forced?) to create its own images, rather
> than being spoon-fed images of other people.  

I don't believe in leaving a child in front of TV for hours, but there is
something to be said for television's ability to expose people to
different aspects of society.  Plus, at a later age, this exposure allows
children (and adults) to see other perspectives of life, and in many cases
become enlightened or refine their own ideas and opinions.  Not to mention
the occassional "information" sources (news, documentaries, etc.).

Television has many faults, one being that it doesn't demand or require
the interective thought I've mentioned.  However, life without any tv also
has potential to isolate one from the national and global environment. 
For children, I think that supervised and limited (controlled) tv can be
beneficial to a child's development.  In addition to my parents' time &
attention and their commitment to exposing my brother and I to many
cultural & historical vacation spots, not to mention all the books we
read... but our hours with Big Bird & Co. were also good for us!