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For 10 years the volunteers of the Prism newspaper served the Raleigh/ Durham/ Chapel Hill, NC area with alternative news and views.

From April of 1990 until August of 2000, the paper was printed monthly per year and distributed for free throughout the Triangle.  All labor was volunteered and all costs were paid by donations and advertisements.

Why did people volunteer 
with The Prism?

Here are a few stories from people who have done it and lived to tell the story.

The Prism had a lot of friends

Even a little bit helped us out a lot

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The Prism is no longer active.

We are proud to have continued our work for 10 years.  We will leave most of the website as is, though, for archival purposes.

However, we encourage you to read a very similar publication taking up largely where we left off:

The Triangle Free Press.

The e-mail for the Prism will be checked at most very rarely.

We express our heartfelt thanks to all who made this effort succeed for so long, and our respect to those who continue to work to improve public understanding of social and political issues in the Triangle region of North Carolina.

The Final issue of The Prism Newspaper:
10th Anniversary Issue,
August 2000

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