The PANDORA taxonomic database system

PANDORA is a database system for taxonomic and biodiversity research projects, such as floras or monographs. It runs on DOS and MS Windows computers, is DELTA-compatible, and is available here free of charge.

PANDORA is stored in a 4.7 megabyte binary file, in the standard "zip" archive file format. When unzipped, PANDORA occupies about 18 megabytes of disk space; to install PANDORA, you will need about 23 megabytes of free disk space. Applications that can unzip the zip file include PKUNZIP, WinZip, and WiZ. (If you use PKUNZIP, tell it to keep the directory structure that is in the zip file. WinZip and WiZ both do this by default.) The PANDORA manual is included in the zip file. Download PANDORA now.

Please send an e-mail to Richard Pankhurst (, author of PANDORA, to let him know that you have downloaded PANDORA. Doing so will help him to (a) track the number of PANDORA users and justify his continuing development of PANDORA to his employers, and (b) contact PANDORA users with the latest news about PANDORA as soon as it becomes available.

For more information, see the Web home pages for PANDORA and DELTA.

This page was created on 3 May 1999 and last changed on 24 April 2002 by Una Smith.

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