Package DOS Navigator 2 in group Applications
TitleDOS Navigator 2
Version2.14 beta (rev A)
Date Entered2012-09-25
DescriptionDOS Navigator 2 OpenSource is a file manager based on DOS Navigator (c) 1991-99 by RIT Research Labs.
Whats NewUpdate to package LSM metadata
Keywordsdos navigator, norton commander
AuthorDOS Navigator developers
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Primary siteFreeDOS Repository -- dn2.html
Alternate sitehttp://-
Original sitehttp://-
Copying policyOpenSource, similar to BSD License
SHA2562df7db6994db9feac4eb8a537c0432793b3b72e50ed58e61af11e9d364609ec9 (2.7M)
Alternate VersionsView DOS Navigator 2 - 2.14 beta, Download (2.7M)