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TitleDoszip Commander
Date Entered2016-02-12
Descriptiona small LFN-aware file manager with built-in (un)zipper. It is built with JWasm and OpenWatcom. Includes full sources for DOS and Windows
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KeywordsDOS FreeDOS
AuthorHjort Nidudsson (nidud _AT_
Maintained byHjort Nidudsson (nidud _AT_
Primary siteGitHub -- nidud/asmc
Alternate siteFreeDOS Archive -- util/file/doszip
Original siteSourceForge -- doszip
PlatformsDOS WIN32
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
SHA2567c08727b0a42972b1283ab36da48395eb2e6b5b7123d4f946e035a0eade45c54 (3.9M)
Alternate VersionsView Doszip Commander - 2.55, Download (3.9M)
View Doszip Commander - 2.52, Download (426K)