Package group Sound Tools
AdPlay multiple formats music player using OPL2/3 audio zlib/libpng License 1.6b 2015-06-23
BladeEnc Blade's MP3 Encoder generates MP3 files from WAV/AIFF/RAW data GNU Lesser General Public License, Version 2.1 0.94.1a 2013-08-16
cdp the command line driven audio CD player for DOS Freeware A4 (rev A) 2016-07-17
DOSMid MIDI player for many synthesizers (AWE, MPU-401, OPL...) Simplified (2-Clause) BSD License 0.9.5a 2018-12-10
lame Utilities for manipulating MP3 music files, including conversion to other formats and uncompression to .WAV. GNU General Public License, Version 2 3.98.4a 2013-02-01
MPlayer MPlayer is a movie player ported from Linux. GNU General Public License, Version 2 1.0rc2 (rev A) 2013-02-01
OpenCubic Player OpenCubic Player is a multi-format (mp3,wav,mid...) music player GNU General Public License, Version 2 2.6.0pre6 (rev A) 2015-06-23