Package PG (PaGer) in group Utilities
TitlePG (PaGer)
Date Entered2007-11-27
DescriptionDisplays the contents of a text file one page at a time
Whats NewUpdate to package LSM metadata
Keywordspage, pg, text, show text
Authorbearheart -at-
Maintained byfreedos_pg -at- Lo Hung Che
Primary siteGitLab -- FDOS/util/pg
PlatformsDOS + Turbo C + Nasm, FreeDOS
Copying policyGNU General Public License, Version 2
SHA256472111ce94259611b26a6e3dec3fe17fc07b798602617a0a236c3afd5f1ce4c6 (65K)
Alternate VersionsView PG (PaGer) - 1.16, Download (64K)