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TitleTDE (Thomson-Davis Editor)
Date Entered2007-05-01
DescriptionTDE is a simple, public domain, multi-file/multi-window binary and text file editor written for IBM PCs and close compatibles running DOS, Win32 (console)
Whats NewUpdate to package LSM metadata
Keywordsedit, editor, text
AuthorFrank Davis Jason Hood <jadoxa -at->
Maintained byJason Hood <jadoxa -at->
Primary siteGitLab -- FDOS/editor/tde
PlatformsDOS, FreeDOS, Win32 (console) Linux
Copying policyPublic Domain
SHA256871634407311d5d265d8fc08515d814b2141f7c3c43b52f921d116d2719e634c (972K)
Alternate VersionsView TDE (Thomson-Davis Editor) - 5.1v, Download (970K)