Dr. R.  Banerjee (Chinese and Central Asian Scholar)

Dr. Priyatosh Banerjee


  • Ph. D. in Ancient Indian History in 1950
  • M.A. (First Class) in Sanskrit with Epigraphy and Numismatics as special group), Patna College, Patna in 1941
  • Training in Field Archaeology at Texila under the supervision of Sir Mortimer Wheeler in 1944.

Details of Employment

  • Officer on Special Duty for Buddha Jayanti Publications (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting), Government of India, 1955-56.

  • Incharge, Museume Branch, Archaological Survey of India, New Delhi 1957-59

  • Joined the National Museum in New Delhi in 1960 and had served the Institution for twenty years in various capacities as Editor and Keeper (Publications), Assistant Director, Director and Consultant (Stein Collection of Central Asian Antiquities) from 1960-1980.
  • Director, Sri Krishna Museum, Kurukshetra, Haryana, 1989-1992.

Special Interest in academic fields

  • Ancient Indian History and Religions, in academic fields, Inscriptions and Coins, Indian and Central Asian Art and Culture.

Notable achievements in Museum Work

Deputed by the Government of India to organize an Exhibition of Buddhist Art on the occasion of the 6th Buddhist Synod at Rangoon; Helped the late Dr. Grace Morley in setting up the National Museum Galleries; Organised the Publication Department and Art Purchase Committee work of the National Museum, New Delhi, on a sound basis; Set up the Galleries of the Zakir Hussain Museum, okhla, and the Sri Krishna Museum in Kurukshetra (Haryana) on scientific lines.

Scholarship and Fellowship awards

  • Devadatta Tripathi Sanskrit Scholarship, Patna University, Patna
  • Patna University Research Scholarship
  • Smithmundt and Fulbright Scholarship
  • Fellowship of the Indian Council of Hisotrical Research for two terms
  • Fellowship of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, rashtrapati Nivas, Shimla for two terms


Lectures Delivered

I delivered lectures on Indian and Central Asian art at various Institutions, such as the 

  • I.A.S. Training School at Metcalfe House, Delhi, 
  • at Honolulu, Ann Arbor (Michigan in USA); 
  • Herritage, Leningrad, 
  • Archaeological Survey of india, 
  • National Museum, New Delhi, 
  • National Gallery of Modern Art, etc. for many years.

Other Distinctions

  • Member (Art Purchase Committee, National Museum, New Delhi, from 1965 till 1990); 
  • Member (Art Purchase Committee, Crafts Museum, New Delhi, (two sessions); 
  • Member (art Evaluations; and Art Treasure Committee, National Museum, New Delhi for about five years); 
  • Member (Art Export Committee, Archaeological Survey of india for about last ten years); 
  • Member (Books Acquisition Committee, Indira Ganghi National Centre for the Arts 1987, New Delhi); 
  • Member (Books Purchase Committee, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Dlehi from 1985-87);
  • Vice President (Museums Association of India for two years) ; 
  • Vice President (Indian Art Historians'’Association, Baroda for two years); 
  • Chairman (Exhibition Committee of the Advanced Study, Rashtrapati Nivas, Shimla for two years);
  • Member (Academic Council, Deemed University, National Museum Institute of Art History, Museology, and Conservation for about five years), 
  • M.A. Ph.D. examiner, University of Calcutta, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi and Punjab University Chandigarh and 
  • Expert, Selection Committee for appointment of Professors, University of Calcutta and Punjab University of Chandigarh.


Countries Visited

  • Nepal (to study Newari manuscripts and art in 1948);
  • Burma (to organize an exhibition on Indian Art in 19954-55);
  • Hawaii (to attend a Conference on Scholarly Publishing in Honolulu in 1962);
  • U.S.S.R. (on Cultural Exchange Programme in 1965);
  • To the U.S.A., London, Berlin etc. to study Indian and Central Asian and Chinese art in 1967-68);
  • Paris (on Cultural Exchange Programme in 1976 to study the collection fo the Musee’ Guimet);
  • (to Moscow, Leningrad, Tashkent, etc. to attend seminars and visit exhibitions organised on the occasion of the Festival of India in various places in the U.S.S.R. in September, 1987)


Participated in many seminars and conferences in India and abroad.

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