Dr. Priyatosh Banerjee (Indian and Central Asian Scholar)

Dr. Priyatosh Banerjee (An Exponent on Indian and Central Asian Art)

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Books written by Dr. Priyatosh Banerjee BOOKS
010 Essays in Interpretation of Central Asian Art.
009 New Light on Central Asian Art and Iconography, by Abha Prakashan, Delhi in 1992.
008 A Short Catalogue of the Collection of the Sri Krishna Museum, Kurukshetra (Haryana).
007 The Art of Western Himalaya (Exhibition Catalogue), Rashtrapati Nivas, Shimla.
006 Rama in Indian Literature, Art and Thought, 1986
005 The Blue God, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
004 Krishna in Indian Art, National Museum, New Delhi, in 1979.
003 Early Indian Religions, Vikas Publishing House, 1973, Delhi,
002 Descriptive Catalogue of Manuscripts from Indian Collections, National Museum, New Delhi, 1964.
001 The Way of the Buddha, Publications Division (Min. of Information and Broadcasting, 1957 New Delhi


Research Papers   [ 001 - 050 |  051 - 100 ]
001 Siva Icon from Piiandjiket’, Artibus Asiae, Vol.XXXI.
002 Painted wooden covers of two Gilgit manuscripts in the Sri Partap Singh Museum (Jammu), Oriental Art, London, 1968.
003 ‘Ancient Relics of Soveit Central Asia-A preliminary report’, Indo-Asian Culture, New Delhi, 1968.
004 ‘Indra from Balawaste (central Asia)’, Indo Asian Cultural, New Delhi, 1968.
005 Central Asia and its early Buddhist and other Remains’ Indo Asian /culture, New Delhi, 1970.
006 ‘Hariti - Lakahai from Dandan-Uliq, Central Asia’, Proceedings of the Seminar of Central Asia held in delhi, December, 1968. Central Asia, ed. By A. guha, Delhi, 1970.
007 ‘Hindu Deities in Central Asia’, India’s Contribution to World Thought and Culture (Vivekanada commemoration Volume), Madras, 1970.
008 Hindu Trinity from central Asia’, National Museum Bulletin No.2, 1970.
009 Dipankara Jataka from Central Asia’. National Museum Bulletin, No.3, 1972.
010 ‘Ekapada Gaja-Samharmurti from Central Asia’, National Museum Bulletin No.3, 1972.
011 ‘Vairochan Buddha from Central Asia’, Oriental Art, London, 1972.
012 Vessantara Jataka from Central Asia’, Bulletin of Tibetology, Vol.XI, Namgyal institute, Gangtok, Sikkim, 1974.
013 ‘Buddha and Rupananda from Bamian, Afghanistan’, Bulletin of Tibetology, Namayal Institute, Gangtok, Sikkim, Vol.XXI, No.I.
014 ‘Hindu Sculpture in Ancient Afghanistan’, India’s contribution to World Thought and Culture. (Vivekananda Commemoration Volume), Madras, 1970.
015 ‘Dipankara Jataka from Hadda, Musee Guimet, Paris’ National museum Bulletin. No.4.
016 ‘A Medieval Bronze Sculpture of Arpachana from Nepal’, Journal, Bihar Research Society, Patna, 1947.
017 ‘Manuscript dated in the 53rd Regnal Year of Ramapala’ Indo-Asian Culture, New Delhi, 1969.
018 ‘An Illustrated Ashtasahasrika Prajna-Paramita Manuscript’, Lalit Kala, No.16, New Delhi.
019 ‘Some Medieaval (Bihar) Inscriptions’, Patna University Journal, No.I, Patna, 1944.
020 ‘The Patna Museum Inscription of Vishnugupta,’, Journal of the Research Sicety, Patna, 1944.
021 ‘Epigraphic Notes, Journal’ of the Bihar Research Society, Patna, 1944.
022  ‘Two Medieval Bihar Inscriptions' Journal of the Asiatic Socety. Letters, Calcutta, 1953.
023 ’A Pragmetary Stone Inscription from Bhita’, Journal of the Asiatic Society, Letters, Calcutta, 1953.
024 ‘Angul Copper-plate of Dharmamahadevi’, Journal of the Asiatic Society, Letter, Calcutta, 1951.
025 ‘a Jaina Pedestal Inscription’, Journal of the Asiatic Society, Letters, Calcutta, 1953.
026 ‘An Inscribed Stone Slab from Paharia’, Banaras, Journal of the Asiatic Society, Letters, Calcutta, 1955. 
027 ‘A note on the Tirilingi Copper-plate’, Journal of the bihar Reserch Soceity, Patna, 1952.
028 ‘A short Kurkihar Bronze Inscription, Summaries of Papers, 17th Session of All India Oriental Conference, 1953.
029 ‘Khonamukh plated of Dharmapala of Pragjyotisha’, Epigraphia Indica, Vol., XXXI.
030 Kalahandi copper-plates of Ananatavarman Vajrahasta’, Ganga Year 383, Epigraphia Indica, Vol, XXXI. 
031 ‘Some Inscriptions from Bihar’, Journal of Ancient Indian History, Vol., VIII, Calcutta, 1955. 
032 ‘Coins of Vikramaditya (Chandragupta II), in Hindi, Vikramanka, Parisishtanka, Patna.
033 ‘Two Yaudheya Coins’, Journal fo the Numismatic Society of India, 1952.
034 ‘Five silver coins of Ranahasti’, Journal of the Numismatic Society of India, 1951.
035 Vairochana from Farhad-Beg-Yailaki, Central Asia, Lavanya, Journal of the Lalit Kala Akademi, Chandigarh, 1996-1997. 
036 Observations on some Non-Muhammadan Coins'. Summaries of papers, 17th Session of All India Oriental Conference, 1953.
037 "A Coin of Satomalle "Journal of the Numismatic Society of India, 1953. 
038 'A note on the Worship of Images in Jainism, Journal of the Bihar Research Society, Patna, 1950.
039 'A note on the Antiquity of Linga Worship in india", Journal of Bihar Research Society, Patna, 1954. 
040 "Jaina Art and Architecture from Western India Bharatiya Janapith, new delhi.
041 "Some observations on the so-called Theory of the Brahmanical Revolution under Pushyamita Sunga, Journal, Asiatic Society, Letters, Calcutta, 1953.
042 "Vedic Elements in New-Brahmism", Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society of Bengal, Letters, Calcutta, 1950.
043 Early History of Vaishnavism (C,200 B.C. to A.D. 3000), Indo-Asian Culture, New Delhi, 1964.
044 Some Aspects of Early History of Saivism" (C.2000 B.C. to A.D.300), Indo-Asian Culture, New Delhi, 1965.
045 "Some observations on the Interpretation of the Panini Sutra Vasudevarjunabhayam vun and the Antiquity of the Bhagavatas", Journal of the Bihar-Research Society, Patna, Patna, 1954.
046 "Naga Cult in Ancient India", Indo-Asian Culture, New Delhi, 1966.
047 "Early History of Jainism, Indo-Asian Culture, New Delhi. 1970. 
048 "A Note on the Kaliyugaraja - Vrittanta of the Bhavisyottara Purana", Patna University, Journal, No.2, Patna.
049 "Foreign Elements in New-Brahanic Society", Journal, Bihar Research Society, Patna, 1955.
050 "Booklet on Krishna Vasudeva and his Religion (Published by the National Museum, New Delhi), 1971.


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