Dr. Priyatosh Banerjee (Indian and Central Asian Scholar)

Dr. Priyatosh Banerjee (An Exponent on Indian and Central Asian Art)

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051 "Scholarly Publishing in india", Trans-Pacific Scholarly Publishing in india", Trans-Pacific Scholarly Publishing, East West Centre Press, Honolulu, 1963. 
052 "Documentation for Communication", Proceedings of the All India Museums Conference, 1973.
053 Brochure on Aina Art through the Ages, Published by the National Museum, New Delhi. 
054 Brochure on Ramayana in Asian Tradition, Published by the Natioanl Museum, New delhi.
055 ‘Brochure on the Mother Goddess in Indian Art’, Published by the National Museum, New Delhi.
056 ‘The conversion of the six Sakya Princess – a mural fragment from Miran, Central Asia’, Art and Culture, Vol.I, Calcutta.
057 ’The identification of the Kinneri Jataka on a stone panel from Nagarjunakonda’, Roopa Lekha, Vol.LV.No.1 & 2, New Delhi, 1984.
058 The story of the birth of Buddha and its Vedic parallel’, Roopa Lekha, New Delhi, August 1984.
059 ‘The Nakshatra on the Ceiling of a Buddhist shrine from Tokyuk Central Asia’, Bodhi Rashmi , New Delhi, 1984, published on the occasion of the International Buddhist Conference held in New Delhi.
060 ‘a Teracotta panel from Bhitargaon (now housed in the Brooklyn Museum, U.S.A.) showin visnu’s fight with the Ralashasas as described in the Uttarakanda of the Ramayana’ published in the roopa Lekha, 1985.
061 ’A Gupta terracotta plaque and its identification’, Journal of Indian Society of the Oriental Art, New Series, Vols.XVI-XVII, 1987-88.
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065 ‘Double headed Buddha from Central Asia. An aspect of Agni’, A. Ghosh Commemoration Volume, New Delhi.
066 ‘Nilakantha Avalokiteshvara from Khotan’, New Light on Central Asian Art and Iconography, Abha Prakashan, New Delhi, 1992.
067 ‘A Warrior God from Dandan-Uliq, Central Asia’, New Light on Central Asian Art and Iconography, New Delhi, 1992.
068 ‘A stone panel from Sanghol showing the Rishyasringa Jataka’, published in the Ratna Chandrika (a felicitation volume in honour of Shri, R.C.Agarvala), Herman Publishing House, New Delhi.
069 ‘A Buddhist Triad from Central Asia’, New Light on Central Asian Art and Iconography, Abha Prakashan, New Delhi, 1992.
070 ‘Birth of Buddha and its Vedic Parallel’, Buddhist Iconography Tibet House, New Delhi.
071 ‘A unique Sunga Sculpture (Sarnath) showing a Ramayana scene (Sita in Ashoka Vatika)’ Roopa Lekha, Delhi 1986.
072 ‘Ramayana theme in Indian Art-A chronological study’, Roopa Lekha, 1985, New Delhi.
073 ‘Krishna (A brief study)’, Pushpanjali, Vol.I, Bombay.
074 ‘A Pre-Kushan from Bhaja’, Rupanjali (O.C. Gangoly Commemoration Volume), Calcutta.
075 Masterpieces of Indian Terracotta (Historical Study), submitted to the National Museum, New Delhi.
076 ‘A Central Asian Mural Fragment showing Buddha’s visit to Vaisali’, Soundara Rajan Felicitation Volume, New Delhi.
077 ‘Samantabhadra attending a Dharmaparaya as depicted in the Tun Huang Silk Panel’, New Light on Central Asian Art and Iconography, Abha Prakashan, New Delhi, 1992.
078 Buddhist Wall Paintings from India and Central Asia and their major themes’ read at the Seminar on Classical Indian Art organised on the occasion of the Festival of India, Leningrad, 1987.
079 ‘Early History of Bhagvata Religion with special reference to Hinayana’, published in Sri Krishna Museum, Kurukshetra (Haryana)., An Introduction 1991.
080 ’Cultural Intercourse between Ajanta, Bamiyan, Turfan and in Dun Huang, read at the international Seminar on cave art of Indian and China organised by the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Art, New Delhi.
081 The Spread of Indian Art and Culture to Central Asia and China, Indian Horizons, Special Issue, I.C.C.R., New Delhi 1994.
082 An Unidentified Repousse Gilt Bronze from Chinese Turkestan Lavanya, Chandigarh 1996-1997. 
083 Some observations on an Unidentified Mural Fragment from Bezeklik, Roopa-Lekha Vol.LXVI, 1997.
084 Dr. Grace Morley as the Director of the National Museum, New Delhi ( 1960-1966)

Research Papers   [ 001 - 050 ]

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