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GOD sends an opportunity to taste the purest nectar of spirituality.

In this age of stark materialism, inner turmoil, tensions and anxiety seem to have become integral to man's life. Further, with the entire focus being on fulfilling his unending consumerist needs and aspirations, man has become acutely egocentric to the complete neglect of altruistic duties. 

The basic cardinal values of selfless service, self-abnegation, discipline and benign love are fast losing their relevance. Instead, violence, hatred and envy have serious influence in our lives. We have moved away from our quintessential cultural heritage and the immanent godliness.

The prayers rectify our aberrations through the 'maha-mantra' of 'RAM-NAAM'

Indeed in these dire times, one can look upon the Ashrams and the Satsangs therein founded by the venerable Swami Satyanandji Maharaj as the fountainhead of righteousness, altruism, inner calm and spiritual bliss. The Ashrams and the Satsangs overwhelm and rectify our aberrations through the 'Maha-Mantra' of 'Ram-Naam'. Dissemination of spirituality and love in this manner is efficacious and wholesome for the Sadhaks and the society at large.

GURU - the Spiritual Mentor acts as a bridge with the GOD. 

It is unfortunate that the common man gets bogged down in this mess without making any distinctive spiritual progress. As such, it is unfortunate though not surprising that people often fail to locate genuine spiritual centers and capable spiritual mentor - the guru.

Imparts valuable insight to lead responsible, disciplined and dignified life. 

Symbolising a unique blend of rectitude, pure love and inner bliss, the Ashrams and the Satsangs, though essentially spiritualistic in character, also impart invaluable instructions on leading a responsible, disciplined and dignified life. On entering the portals of the Ashrams, one is at once struck by the divinity in the ambience, which lends inner calm and serenity driving away cares and anxieties in a sure though invisible way.

Regrettably, these days even spiritualism has been commercialized where unethical pressures are used to bulldoze others.  Riches, affectations, social status and professionalism have encroached upon the sacred world of spirituality. Activities in most spiritual places consist only of cash and kind donations, offerings, the practice of 'darshan' (patronizing private audience), 'langar' (free community kitchen) besides the acquisition of big mansions and real estate.

Highlights selfless service to humanity & spiritual enhancement while performing routine duties. 

Here is then a godsend opportunity for those hapless souls who have all this while yearned for a few drops of the nectar of pure spirituality. The hallmark of the Satsangs initiated and blessed by the venerable Swami Satyanandji Maharaj is the complete absence of ostentation's and pretensions. Not expected to make any offerings, the 'Sadhak' comes to the Satsang with the sole objective of seeking inner peace and higher spiritual attainments. And, surely, endowed and blessed thus with everlasting ecstasy does he return to the world again! 

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