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Search for the book at your local library first. If the library doesn't have what you are looking for you can ask for the book through inter library loan. You can also use the database at amazon to look for books by subject and then find them in the library catalog and check them out free of charge. If you are unable to go to the library you may order it online from

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Each citation is followed by the opening lines of the first chapter. I thought this would give the reader a feel for the tone and content of the book. They are listed in order of priority.
Biographies can be very triggering so make sure you have
emotional support if you choose this path.

Francisco, P. (1999). Telling : a memoir of rape and recovery. New York : Cliff Street Books. Find this in a library

Davis HV6561 .F73 1999 UL HV6561 .F73 1999

Also available through interlibrary loan from D.H. Hill library (through the consortium) - ask for it at the circulation desk.

"One summer evening on the terrace of a Minneapolis restaurant, two women and I unexpectedly found ourselves telling rape stories. Ours. We barely knew one another.."

This is the story of one womans experience with rape. The author is a life long writer sharing her experience of a rape which took place ten years earlier. She explores the sociological as well as personal issues dealt with in coming to terms with her experiences. The text also deals with disclosure to family members and the healing qualities of telling your story.

The subjects dealt with are rape victims, psychology, rehabilitation, and Self-disclosure.

Find this in a library

Sebold, A. (1999). Lucky. New York: Scribner. Find this in a library

Davis HV6561 .S44 1999 UL HV6561 .S44 1999

"In the tunnel where I was raped, a tunnel that was once an underground entry to an ampitheater; I will always think of her when I think of the pink hair tie"

The above quote refers to a police officer telling the author she was lucky not to have been killed like the previous victim raped in the same location. The book deals with the topics of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and the victim's subsequent heroin addiction resulting from her pain. It is told with considerable wit and candor.

Find this in a library

Raine, N. (1998). After silence : rape and my journey back. New York : Crown Publishers. Find this in a library

Davis HV6561 .R33 1998 UL HV6561 .R33 1998

"On an October afternoon in 1986 I was raped by a stranger who crept through the open back door of my apartment"

This book is an account of a five year journey made by a survivor of stranger rape. It also explains the process of healing therapy with her Doctor.

Find this in a library

Pierce-Baker, C. (1998). Surviving the silence : Black women's stories of rape. New York : W.W. Norton. Find this in a library

Davis HV6561 .P54 1998 UL HV6561 .P54 1998

"There was a void; an absence;a silence. There were no voices. There were no structures of feeling or support. So I went in search of structures and voices- in search of community."

"There is a balm in Gilead to make the wounded whole.."
Traditional African American Spiritual

This is the story of a graduate student from Philadelphia who moves to North Carolina for a year to heal. She tells of her experience of rape and the process of testifying and being cross examined. The defense attorney tried to prove she was lying about her claim of rape after her entire family was robbed at knife and gun point.
The subjects this book deals with are rape and African American women. The quote i chose indicates the type of content you will find in the text. Find this in a library

Kalven, J. (1999). Working with available light : a family's world after violence. New York : W. W. Norton. Find this in a library

Davis HV6568.C4 K35 1999 UL HV6568.C4 K35 1999

"It's as if a deep wound, long buried, has been laid open."

This is a very emotional account told by the husband of a rape victim. Very triggering. This text is recommended only if you have reliable therapeutic and moral support available. It could possibly be very cathartic if you are prepared for the content. Find this in a library

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Find professional and customer reviews of books at Amazon. You can pay online and have them shipped to you. If you buy new books and your total is over $25 the shipping is often free. Also check your local library online catalog.

It's very difficult for survivors to concentrate on reading when they are in crisis. From personal experience I have found it much more effective to listen to books on tape. The site below allows you to order tapes online. You can also find audio books at your local library for free.

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Guide to audio books you can order online.



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