In-Patient Trauma programs

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Sometimes it helps stabilize a patient to go to an inpatient program for between a week and a month (on average).


Inpatient and Medical-Based Residential Programs

***These programs are typically shorter term(a few days to several weeks) programs in a hospital or inpatient environment. Some programs also offer residential facilities or longer term intensive outpatient with or without supportive housing.

Sheppard Pratt
Multiple Locations

Menninger Clinic
Houston, TX

The Meadows Treatment Center
Wickenburg, AZ

La Rabida Children's Hospital
Chicago, IL

Women’s Institute for Incorporation Therapy (men are accepted into intensive outpatient programming)
Inpatient Adult Women Only, Outpatient both Adult Men and Women
Hollywood, FL

The Center at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington
Washington, DC

Mclean Hospital Trauma and Dissociation Treatment
Belmont, MA

Arbour Hospital

Masters and Johnson Programs

Two Rivers Hospital
Kansas City, MO

River Oaks Psychiatric Hospital
New Orleans, LA


Colin A. Ross Institute Programs

Del Amos Hospital

Del Amos, CA

Timerlawn Hospital
Dallas, TX

Forest View Hospital
Grand Rapids, MI


Residential Style Programs
***These programs are TYPICALLY longer term programs and offered in a more open or community based environment. The length of these programs typically ranges from a few weeks to many months, some treating people for a year or longer. Some do not accept insurance coverage, some do contract with insurance companies.

Mellody House
Wickenburg, AZ

Timberlawn Knolls
Lombard, IL

The Oaks Treatment Center
Austin, TX

Pia's Place
Prescott, AZ

SLS Residential
Brewster, NY

Austen Riggs Center
Stockbridge, MA

Life Healing Center
Santa Fe, NM

The Ranch
Nunnelly, TN

Sierra Tucson
Tucson, AZ

Casa Palmera
Del Mar, CA

The Canyon
Malibu, CA

Cottonwood de Tucson
Tucson, AZ

Facilities treat trauma secondary to other conditions (such as addictions or eating disorders)
****These programs all provide trauma specific treatments


Eating Disorders

Find an eating disorder clinic ~

International ED clinics ~

Treatment finder from something fishy


River Oaks Hospital in Louisiana (formerly at Depaul Hospital) with Susan Willard. Very successful and highly rated by former patients.


Two Rivers in Kansas City, Mo


The Menninger Clinic (which is now in Houston)


Westwind Eating Disorder Treatment Centre in Manitoba, Canada


Abteilung Psychosomatik, MHH, Hannover, Germany


Rosewood Ranch - womens center in Wickenburg, AZ


Remuda Ranch


McCallum Place on the Park, in St Louis, MO


Renfrew Centers (women only, 15+)
Various Locations- Residential in Coconut Creek, FL and Philadelphia, PA

Rader Programs (coed, 18+)
Oxnard, CA and Tulsa, OK




SAFE Alternatives (coed, 12+)
Naperville, IL


Cult Survivors (also treats survivors of certain types of sexual abuse and domestic violence)

Wellspring Retreat
Albany, OH


Multiple Specialties (like eating disorders and substance abuse)

Free or Low Cost/Financial Assistance (if anyone has a program to add to this list please contact me!)
***These programs may or may not provide trauma specific treatment. Many do not accept people with more severe pathology

The Farm (when entering the website please click "the farm")
Crestwood, KY

The Eating Disorder Research Unit
New York, NY

Aloha Healing Women Retreats

Mercy Home for Boys and Girls
Chicago, IL

Boys and Girls town of America
Various Locations

Emma Center (as of the date this was last edited this program was not yet running)
Arcata, CA

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch and Girls Town
Amarillo, TX

Mercy Ministries
Multiple Locations

The Father's Ranch Ministries
Tonasket, WA


Links of Interest

Retreat Finder

Provides a directory of retreats

List of Retreats
Retreats for Survivors


Directory of Eating Disorder Programs

Substance Abuse Treatment Referral
Ran by Samsha

Struggling Teens
Has descriptions of treatment centers and therapeutic programs for children, teens, and young adults
***If you use this site, please use the search feature to find program descriptions



Resources to research this subject:

Journals and articles

Search the NCJRS Abstracts Database

Google scholar or Findarticles

Finding books at the library

Online Libraries on sexual assault

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Search terms: rape crisis

Related links: Victim blame


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