Lesbian Sexual Assault, Rape

and LGBTQ Domestic Violence.

You are not alone.


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Overview of LGBTQ Assault

Same Sex Sexual Assault


Aardvarc information on same sex sexual assault


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Male on female sexual assault


Male on female sexual assault.


Sexual assault of lesbians-
The issues this article discusses are sexual trauma particular to lesbians, police treatment, emotional issues, gender oriented shame and how anti lesbianviolence can effect relationships.

"based on interviews with women who counsel lesbian victims and on the scant amount of literature available, is an initial inquiry into the common reactions of the lesbian violence victim, as distinguished from the straight female victim or the gay man.

See also: General information on lesbian assault victims

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Woman on woman sexual assault


Rape: When the assailant is one of our own

"Sexual assault isn't committed just by men. Lesbians who have been raped by other lesbians are beginning to speak out, but they're finding support slow in coming--from the legal system, victim support lines and our own community"

Woman on Woman sexual assault.


"Did you know that....

women can be raped by other women?
women can sexually assault other women?
violence occurs in 1 out of 4 lesbian relationships?
lesbian domestic violence often includes lesbian rape?
lesbian rape is almost always unreported?"


Lesbian domestic violence


"30% of LGBT couples experience domestic violence"

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Non-profit Resources

The Network/La Red


Ending abuse in lesbian, bisexual women's and
transgender communities.
"The Network/La Red was formed to address battering in lesbian, bisexual women's, and transgender communities. Through a) the formation of a community-based multi-cultural organization in which battered/formerly battered lesbians, bisexual women, and transgender folks hold leadership roles; b) community organizing, education, and the provision of support services; and c) coalition-building with other movements for social change and social justice, we seek to create a culture in which domination, coercion, and control are no longer accepted and operative social norms."


Woman to woman violence from Our Bodies Ourselves


"The experiences of women who are sexually assaulted by other women are not widely enough known or discussed. This silence makes it harder for those of us who are sexually assaulted by women to get appropriate health care and support. Service providers, media, educators, and assault survivors can help end this silence by talking more openly about this abuse."


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Female - on - Female Abuse Links


"Our members are a diverse group of women of varying ages, backgrounds, locations, occupations, sexual orientations, family status, etc. What all our members have in common is the experience of having been sexually abused by their mother and the courage and fortitude to come share with and support other women on the same healing journey."


Lesbian Sexual Assault Brochure


"Why don't we hear more about this?
Because many people define rape as penetration by a penis, woman to woman rape is not acknowledged or is not taken seriously. But in fact, it is estimated that 1 out of 3 lesbians have been sexually assaulted by another woman."


Breaking The Silence: Sociologist Studies Woman-to-woman Sexual Violence

Although Professor Lori B. Girshick hasn’t yet concluded her study of woman-to-woman sexual abuse, what she has found so far confirms that this kind of abuse is real and that it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, a lot of people are reluctant to admit there’s a problem. Many more are just not interested.


Facts about lesbian rape


An initial inquiry into the common reactions of the lesbian violence victim, as distinguished from the straight female victim or the gay man.
It is intended as an initial discussion of issues which may be present in and specific to the lives of lesbians in general, and the lesbian violence victim in particular.


Information on woman on woman sexual assault



Sexual Assault & Rape Information for Lesbian, Transgender and Bisexual Women


Sexual Assault & Rape Information for Lesbian,
Transgender and Bisexual Women


Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE)


Stop Abuse For Everyone (SAFE) provides unique services for domestic violence victims. We look for those who typically fall between the cracks, and are receiving the least amount of help -- people for whom few services are available. Our approach is to view domestic violence as a human issue. We often say it this way, "it does matter what type of person you are, if you're in an abusive relationship, it is the type of experience you're having that is important. The services you receive should be based on what you need, rather than who you are." That is the goal we work towards.
However, there are also problems that individuals face based on the fact that they are men or women, gay or straight, old or young. SAFE addresses their individual concerns, and fills in the gaps in domestic violence services.


MDSA- Making daughters safe again


MDSA is the only organization in the world specializing in mother-daughter sexual abuse. We are also distinguished by the innovative online group experience we provide for survivors.

See also: General information on lesbian assault victims

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Male on Male sexual assault

See the Male Sexual Assault Survivor Resources


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Woman on Man sexual assault


Female Perpetrators


"Information about the sexual abuse of males by females."


Woman on Man sexual assault


"It seems to me that when rape is discussed as a problem, male survivors are left out of consideration. While males are less likely to be raped than are females, this does not mean that male rape is not a problem. In that spirit, I am gathering links that are of specific interest to male survivors."


Books / lending library on LGBTQ domestic violence and assault.




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You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline, operated by RAINN, 24 hours a day at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or you can search for your local rape crisis center or hotlines.

Trevor Helpline - Youth Gender Orientation
(Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender)
Specializing in gay and lesbian youth suicide prevention

Hotline/Linea de crisis 617-423-7233 v/tty info@thenetworklared.org

Teen AIDSline

Anti Violence Project Hotline
(212) 714-1141

Gay & Lesbian National Hotline
1-888-THE-GLNH (1-888-843-4564)

Youth GLNH 1-800-246-PRIDE (1-800-246-7743)

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT)

Youth Support Line

Gay & Transgender Hate Crime Hotline 1-800-616-HATE

Rape, Abuse, Incest, National Network (RAINN)
1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673)

Gay and Lesbian Youth Hotline
(800) 347-8336

Nat'l Gay & Lesbian Task Force
(202) 332-6483

NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project (212)714-1141 -

24 hour Lesbian Therapist Referral Network

Park Slope Safe Homes Project
(718)499-2151 - 24 hours

NYC LGBT Community Center

Audre Lorde Project

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Helpline and Peer Listing Line (800)399-7337

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Helpline

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Agencies

Resources in your area- by area code -find an lgbt support group

See also: General information on lesbian assault victims

Google research-only online resources for lesbian rape or sexual assault.

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Message boards

for lesbian sexual assault

and rape survivors

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Non-profit Resources

Rainbowhope or Rainbowhope newsletter


RainbowhopeII - newsletter / back up


Rainbowhope site, Library links from the message board


Archive rainbowhope


Lesbian sexual abuse survivor support group. This is a very supportive and safe space. There is a section for partners of survivors.




Mirrors. This board is here for Lesbian Survivors of abuse, rape and incest. Partners and friends of Lesbian survivors are also welcome.


Lesbian rape survivors


A lesbian survivor group with listings of other survivor groups on the home page.




LGBT safe space for survivors of sexual/physical/emotional abuse, assault & rape. Primarily Transgender female to male and male to female.


Support for and by partners of lesbian rape survivors


This is a group to provide support for lesbian and LGBTQ partners of abuse, sexual assault and rapesurvivors. Please join in and help form a support source for partners.

Subscribe to lesbian_partner_support
Powered by health.groups.yahoo.com


Lesbian Partners of Survivors


This is a message board for partners of lesbian sexual assault survivors.


General support boards with lgbt sub forums:


Pandoras Aquarium


This site has a special forum for LGBTQ members. The overall tone is very liberal. It is inspired by the musician Tori Amos.


Taking Back Control


A message board with lovely aesthetics, nice mood and optional themes including Fiona Apple. This forum has an lgbt sub forum.


After Silence


A community designed to help survivors communicate in the recovery of rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. This board has a forum for lgbt survivors.


Support Group for Lesbians


Welcome to our support group for lesbians and those we love.
Our support group, discussion board and chat room are meant for all women who are struggling with issues and life situations that might benefit from a helping hand or willing ear.

Message boards for woman on woman abuse

Women Surviving Women


A support group for women survivors who have suffered abuse by other women.
"Women Surviving Women is a support network for us women out there in this world who have been abused, in any way, by a female perpetrator. Such abuse often leaves us confused and feeling alone and isolated. This is a place where we can come together and talk about our feelings and provide each other with support and understanding."




A discussion list for adult females who were abused as children by at least one female. This message board is carefully moderated.


Safe 4 All


This online forum is for general discussion about domestic violence, and focuses especially on groups that typically fall between the cracks: abused men, same-sex victims, elderly abuse, sibling abuse, and so on. Postings are welcome without regard to what type of person you are: man or woman, gay or straight, etc. This forum is intended as a safe place for people to talk about their experiences and points of view. Please be respectful and courteous to other points of view.


Resources in your area- by area code -find an lgbt support group near you.



Lesbian Support groups



A Directory of general lesbian support groups


See also: General information on lesbian assault victims

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Lesbian Assault Resources

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Non-profit Resources


Same Sex Sexual Assault


Aardvarc information on same sex sexual assault


Survivor Project


Survivor Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the needs of intersex and trans survivors of domestic and sexual violence through caring action, education and expanding access to resources and to opportunities for action.


The Northwest Network


The Northwest Network increases our communities' ability to support the self-determination and safety of bisexual, transgendered, lesbian, and gay survivors of abuse through education, organizing and advocacy.


Sexual Violence Against Lesbian and Bisexual People


Sexual violence is prevalent in our society and happens to many women including lesbian and bisexual women. Survivors of assault often have a great deal of difficulty seeking help. The myths & stereotypes that surround lesbianism and bisexuality can create silence, shame and guilt which often prevent the survivor from coming forward to seek help.


Lesbian and Bisexual Survivors


"Just like heterosexual women, lesbians can be sexually assaulted. In most cases this happens simply because they are female. Yet there are rapists who target gay or bisexual women, expressing their anti-lesbian hatred through this kind of violence, as a way to "teach them a lesson," or "show them what they really need." Or you may have been assaulted by your partner or another woman in an abusive relationship."



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Trans-identified Resources for

Sexual Assault Survivors


Transgender Sexual Violence Project


A national education and advocacy organization supporting FTM+s and SOFFAs


Sexual Assault in the Transgender Communities


Transgendered people are the targets of the most vicious and blatant forms of violence. They are routinely abused by the police and medical professionals, in addition to being subjected to random street violence and domestic partner abuse. Intimate partners, often appalled to discover the gender transgression, can verbally, psychologically, physically and sexually abuse the person.


Trans Violence- Domestic Violence


Anne Serene's Trans Reference Site.


Transgender hotlines





Trans_Survivors is an online community for all trans-identified
individuals (including but not limited to: ftm, mtf, genderqueer, or multigendered), and SOFFAs who are either abuse survivors themselves or have been affected by the abuse or assault of someone they know- including sexual assault & violence,childhood abuse, abusive relationships, and violence as a result of gender variance or percieved gender variance/queerness. To join the list, send an email to majordomo@groups.queernet.org. In the body of the email (not the subject line) type: subscribe trans_survivors


Susan's place transgender wiki article


This is an editable page open to the public on transgender sexual assault. "This page deals with sexual assault as a medical emergency. See rape for definition, consequences, sociological context, and other available resources. If you have a medical problem, you should seek expert help."


Trans Alliance Society



Transgender support



Personal Sites

The Day That I Died - now called Dysphoria


A personal site for rape survivors by a trans-gendered person named Alison. This site is very interesting and has a very individual perspective on the problem of sexual assault.




Student Trans Activism!


Current events- Transgender woman ill-treated and raped in jail A story of abuse, sexual assault and hate crimes against a transgender person.


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LGBTQ Therapy

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Non-profit Resources

24 hour Lesbian Therapist Referral Network
(212) 206-1589

Gay Lesbian International Therapist Search Engine



Association for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Issues in Counseling


5999 Stevenson Ave., Alexandria, VA 22304
Committed to educating mental health service providers about issues confronting LGBT individuals.


Gay and lesbian suicide counseling


Information on gay and lesbian suicide counseling.


The Lesbian Resource Center


The Lesbian Resource Center works to visibly and
actively promotes the health and well-being of the
diverse community of lesbians and women who partner with women and improve our health care through education, advocacy, resources and referrals in the North Carolina Triangle area.


Private Sector

Online directory for mental health lgbtq resources



Government Resources

National Website and Hotlines



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LGBT Medical Resources

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Government Resources

Medline directory for LGBT health issues


Non-profit Resources

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association


To find an lgbt Medical Doctor click here for a referral


Fenway Community Health


"Working to improve the physical and mental health of our community, especially those who are traditionally
underserved like lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, women, those living with HIV/AIDS, and people from communities of color."


Lesbian Therapist Referral Network



Community health centers


Community health centers serving the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.


Lesbian Health Foundation of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association


The Lesbian Health Foundation, a part of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, provides a web-based resource for research, information and services on health issues affecting lesbians, bisexual women, and transgendered individuals; education and training for health care professionals; and a national Speakers Bureau for educating and raising awareness of the special health needs of lesbians, bisexual women, and transgendered individuals.


Lesbian Health Research Institute (LHRI)


Part of the Center for LGBT Health at Columbia University, the Lesbian Health Research Institute is committed to conducting, facilitating, supporting, and publishing high quality community-based research about lesbian health. LHRI publishes a quarterly newsletter and maintains a Web site for lesbian health research issues.


Transsexual Women's Resources


Medical and other resources for transsexual women (Male-to-Female).

Lesbian Safer Sex



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Hate crimes

Rape is a crime of violence and power

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For immediate victim assistance call 206-350-4283 or 1 800-879-6682 24 hours a day or fill out this online hate crime report form.


The Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation states that "A hate crime, also known as a bias crime, is a criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin."

Non-profit Resources

Gay and lesbian anti violence project


Gay and lesbian anti violence project. Hotline:AVP's hotline at 212-714-1141. You can ask to speak with a male or female counselor, or Spanish- or English-speaking counselor.


Anti violence page -LAMBDA


Anti violence page -LAMBDA state by state laws against gender based discrimination.
LAMBDA's mission remains to bring about positive
social change by educating and enlightening the area's
diverse gay and non-gay population, both young and
old, about homo/bisexuality. LAMBDA is the region's
most respected, longest running such organization.

LAMBDA Gay/Lesbian 24-hour help line for violence
(including Domestic Violence)
(800) 616-HATE


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force


The victimization of gays and lesbians based upon their sexual orientation includes harassment, vandalism, robbery, assault, rape and murder. The location of these crimes is not restricted to dark streets leading from gay establishments. Violence against gays and lesbians occurs everywhere: in schools, the workplace, public places and in the home. Those who commit these acts come from all social/economic backgrounds and represent different age groups (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Safety and Fitness Exchange, Lance Bradley and Kevin Berrill, 1986.)


Lesbian Health and Homophobia: Perspectives for the treating Obstetrician/Gynecologist


Lesbian Health and Homophobia: Perspectives for the
treating Obstetrician/Gynecologist .Featuring
Associate Director of Gynecologic Cancer Surgery at
Stanford University, Dr. Kate O'Hanlan's research.
Accepted for publication in Current Problems in
Obstetrics and Gynecology.
On this site you will find a very comprehensive study of lesbian health issues. A good area to check is children in lesbian households.


Analysis of homophobia


The forum examines with psychoanalytic tools, the roots of homophobia in the human mind and the reason for homophobia's seeming normalcy. Psychoanalysis examines what a person was
taught by parents, friends and community, and the way each person absorbs and uses those lessons.
The forum was co-sponsored by the American
Psychoanalytic Foundation and by three committees of the American Psychoanalytic Association (the Committee on Issues of Homosexuality, the Committee on Social Issues, and the Committee on Public Information).


For additional information on hate crimes, please contact:

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
1734 14th Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 332-6483

National Institute Against Prejudice and Violence
132 Stephens Hall Annex
Towson State University
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 830-2435

New York City Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
647 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 807-6761
(212) 807-0197 (Hotline)

Your local prosecutor’s office, law enforcement, or state Attorney General’s office. Check in the Blue Pages of your local phone book under the appropriate section heading of either “Local Government,” “County Government,” or “State Government.”"

See also: Hate crimes- based on disabilities such as PTSD

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Research Resources

for Lesbian Sexual Assault / LGBTQ Assault

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Overview: Books on lesbian sexual assault

Girshick, L. B. (2002). Woman-to-woman sexual violence : does she call it rape? Boston: Northeastern University Press. Find this in a library


Ristock, J. (2002). No More Secrets: Violence in Lesbian Relationships. New York: Routledge Find this in a library


C. M. Renzetti & C. H. Miley (1996). Violence in gay and lesbian domestic partnerships. New York, NY: Harrington Park Press/Haworth Press, Inc. Find this in a library


Renzetti, C. (1992). Violent Betrayal : Partner Abuse in Lesbian Relationships. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications. Find this in a library


Lundy, S. ; Leventhal, B. (1999). Same-Sex Domestic Violence : Strategies for Change. Palm Springs, Ca.: Sage Publications, Inc. Find this in a library


Lobel, K. (Ed.) (1986). Naming the violence: Speaking out about lesbian battering. Seattle, WA: Seal Press. Find this in a library


Kaschak, E. (2001). Intimate Betrayal: Domestic Violence in Lesbian Relationships. USA: Hawthorne Press. Find this in a library



on lesbian sexual assault


Gay and Lesbian Domestic Violence Bibliography


Sexual Assault in the Transgender Communities


Violence in LGBTQ communities- Documenting visibility



More books on lgbt sexual assault

Same Sex Sexual Assault


Research resources.

Non-profit Resources

Lending library


Books / lending library on LGBTQ domestic violence and assault.


Survivor Project


  • Introduction to Intersex & Trans Issues
  • Intersex & Trans People and Violence
  • Survivors' Stories
  • Survivor Project Newsletters
  • Related Topics


Gender Education & Advocacy


Gender Education & Advocacy provides a large selection of freely downloadable materials that you can use in your local area to educate others on gender issues.


Transgender Material


A Repository for Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Newsletters, Postcards, Films, Personal Papers, Ephemera, and Other Transgender Material.


Abuse in Lesbian Relationships & Lesbian Friendly Service


This survey was intended to measure the level of awareness in Saskatchewan's 'lesbian community' about abuse.


Related links:


Gender Watch website


Journal articles

Google scholar- Journal articles and citations on lesbian sexual assault free resource

Databases to search (available at a local university):

Gender Watch database sample articles


EBSCO GLBT database


Women's Studies International



Contemporary Women's Issues


World health organization (WHO) gender based violence statistics (free access)


Women-Related Online Periodicals


Browse other gender related databases

Current Events

Two Women Charged with Rape - Gay City News and GayCityNews.com

Current Events Resources

The Advocate

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force



Online resources from network lared

Search terms:

male violence against women, lesbian partner violence, feminist service providers, lesbian partner abuse, first relationship with another woman, lesbian abuse, lesbian perpetrators, heterosexual abuse, control constellation, same sex domestic violence, discursive tale, transgendered women, relationship violence, lesbian domestic violence, trauma talk, abusive dynamics, first lesbian relationship, lesbian violence, mutual abuse, dominant feminist, lesbian battering, material tale, one service provider, support groups for survivors.

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Resources to research this subject:

Journals and articles

Search the NCJRS Abstracts Database

Google scholar or Findarticles

Finding books at the library

Online Libraries on sexual assault

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Warwick, Lynda L. (1996). Relationality, lesbian identity, and rape recovery: Meanings made by three lesbian survivors of male rape. Dissertation Abstracts International: Section B: The Sciences and Engineering, 57(1-B), pp. 0716.

Resources to research this subject:

Journals and articles

Search the NCJRS Abstracts Database

Google scholar or Findarticles

Finding books at the library

Online Libraries on sexual assault

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Search terms: rape crisis

Related links: Victim blame


Macdonalds, J. (2004). World Book Encyclopedia. United States of America: World Book Inc.

rape. (2006). Encyclopædia Britannica. Retrieved May 2, 2006, from Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service. http://www.britannica.com/eb/article?tocId=9376486

Smith, M. D. (2004). Encyclopedia of Rape. USA: Greenwood Press.

Sedney, M., "rape (crime)." Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. Scholastic Library Publishing, 2006 <http://gme.grolier.com> (February 1, 2006).



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