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The first thing you should know if you were raped or sexually assaulted is that it was not your fault. For local rape crisis hotlines click here or scroll down. You can call the National Sexual Assault Hotline, operated by RAINN, 24 hours a day at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).


Rape crisis hotlines:
Chapel Hill 1 866-welisten
Raleigh 919 618-RAPE (7273)
Durham 919 688-2883

Orange County Rape Crisis Center

This is the best rape crisis center in orange county. They have a hot line and the counselors are very nice. You can have a volunteer assigned to you permanently who calls you on a weekly basis. There are also support groups to join. 1 866-welisten. You can call 24 hours a day and a counselor on call will contact you.


Health services information on rape in

Rape crisis centers in North Carolina

N.C. rape crisis centers

NC Rape Crisis Centers by county


Durham Rape Crisis Centre

"The Durham Rape Crisis Centre is a feminist organization that believes in the equality of all people regardless of race, class, sexual orientation or gender."



North Carolina women's center

The mission of the Carolina Women's Center is to promote an equitable and empowering environment through education, support, advocacy and diversity. We celebrate women as shapers of the world. This site has a thorough list of links to resources for rape crisis in the area.


Victim's compensation

NC Division of Victims Compensation Services
This page describes what to do in case of sexual assault.



Emergency services in N.C.

Emergency Services and Hotlines in Chapel Hill



Rape crisis centers in N.C.

Rape Crisis Centers in North Carolina



Stand alone rape crisis centers

This site lists Stand Alone rape crisis centers.


Sex offender registry for N.C.

Sexual offender registry - You can search this site by zip code or name for sexual offenders.


North Carolina Victim's assistance

North Carolina Victim Assistance Network
Providing support and information for crime (rape) victims in North Carolina. A comprehensive listing of services available in the area.



University information for rape crisis

Chapel Hill, NC Sexual assault information


UNC- Chapel Hill free counseling

UNC student health centers page. For information about the medical and mental health resources available to you. You get 8 free sessions with a counselor at CAPS in the UNC Student health building 3rd floor.

Rape crisis information from CAPS

Rape crisis information from CAPS at UNC Chapel Hill.

What to do if you are sexually assaulted

What to do at UNC Chapel Hill -Virtual library resources


Advocates for Sexual Assault Prevention at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This is a student group that organizes womens week activities and runs a listserv.



"The PREVENT Program is designed to facilitate the change process by providing Education, Networking and Technical Assistance to help individuals and organizations nationwide reduce violence through local, state, tribal and national approaches."



Raleigh, NC Sexual assault information


NC State


Women's center

N. C. State University rape crisis information

"The Molly Hays Glander - 618-RAPE (7273)

24 Hour Rape and Sexual Assault Response Line
24-hour confidential crisis intervention"
Counseling Center - 515-2423

Support Groups

Rape, Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse Support Group
1st and 3rd Wed. of each month


Durham, NC sexual assault information


Duke rape crisis

Duke University rape crisis information
The Office of Sexual Assault Support
"24-Hour Information Line (for members of the Duke and Durham communities):
681-6882" or 919 403-6562 Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis 24-Hour Hotline.

Rape Crisis of Durham 24-hours a day call 919 688-2883

Rape Crisis of Durham Support Groups

Health care for rape victims at Duke


Resources to research this subject:

Journals and articles

Search the NCJRS Abstracts Database

Google scholar or Findarticles

Finding books at the library

Online Libraries on sexual assault

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Search terms: rape crisis

Related links: Victim blame


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