Highlights from the chapter on First Aid (Ch 13, p. 109) from Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny



First Aid booklets and trainings from the Red Cross and civil defense are widely available.
Paperback Red Cross First Aid Manual

Since the Red Cross does not appear to have any virtual e-books on first aid you might want to find one that is available if you are in the midst of a crisis:

Living Ready Pocket Manual - First Aid: Fundamentals for Survival by James Hubbard is available on Kindle

First Aid Manual from the Air Force (free to download)

For more serious injury and sickness the book Where There is No Doctor goes beyond the scope of first aid manuals, and is recommended by the Volunteers in Technical Assistance. (The referenced edition of this book may currently be out of print, and available via microfiche)

Recommendations by Colonel Henry (one of the first medical officers to visit Hiroshima and Nagasaki after their destruction) are listed on page 109 (Ch 13) of Nuclear War Survival Skills.
The recommendation categories are:
(The first 10 items are only a few sentences long. The last 3 are several paragraphs)
1. Wounds – Types of pressure to apply and tourniquets
2. Infected wounds - The author of NWSS feels the formation of white pus indicates the body is combating infection. Gives advice on how often to change dressings. (p. 109)
3. Pieces of glass deeply embedded in flesh – The author of NWSS feels that glass will work it’s way out via puss without probing.
4. Burns – “Do not apply grease, oil or any other medicine to the burned area. Cover the area securely with a clean, dry dressing or folded cloth.”
5. Broken bones – Advises to apply splints and gives opinion on traction setting.
6. Shock – NWSS advises to keep victim warm, surround them with insulation, but not too much, and give slightly salted water.
7. Heat prostration – Fluids, slightly salted water
8. Childbirth – “Keep hands off. Wait until the mother has given birth. Do not tie and cut the cord unless a potent disinfectant is available. Instead, use the primitive practice of wrapping the cord and the placenta around the infant until they dry. Avoid the risk of infecting the mother by removing the rest of the afterbirth: urge the mother to work to expel it.”
9. Toothache – “Do not attempt to pull an aching tooth”
10. Veterinarian antibiotics – Recommends using antibiotics stored on farms
11. Radiation sickness (a lengthy explanation of the phases) – Explains how much radiation you would need to be exposed to in order to get sick, and explains that creating an adequate shelter would be the best plan for protection. (p. 110)
12. Lifetime risks from radiation (p. 111)
13. Thyroid damage - A lengthy explanation about prevention and potassium iodide. (p. 112)


The author of RCIP is not a medical physician and does not dispense medical advice.



Download NWSS Survival Manual (27 MB), NWSS Ch13 website version, Ch13 download



Kearny, Cresson (1987). Nuclear War Survival Skills. Retrieved from http://www.oism.org/nwss


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