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If you were my sister or brother...




"If you were my brother or my sister, I would tell you to never give up. What we need to live and thrive is within each and every one of us and, as long as we keep searching, we will find it. I would tell you to stay strong, but know that its ok to be weak. "



"If you were my sister I'd tell you that you have a strength far beyond what you ever thought you could possess. That you are special, unique and an individual who has great potential. I'd tell you that to survive is one thing, but to live, and thrive, and be great no matter what, is another, and that's what you can do, and are doing in so many ways and you are LOVED!!"



"If you were my sister, I would tell you that no matter who hurt you, and no matter what happened, none of it was your fault and that the fastest way to start feeling better is to internalize that you did nothing wrong. I would also tell you that what happened to you defines a time in your life, not you as a person."



"If you were my sister, I would tell you that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are. We have all been hurt and, in effect, been changed by that hurt. In time we will all become better people by dealing with the pain and growing from it. You are brave and courageous and you were meant to survive."



"If you were my sister, i would tell you that you are such a wonderful and courageous person with nothing but goodness to share with others in the world and i will hold your hand and help you along your healing journey. HE has done wrong, not you!"



If you were my sister or brother... I would ask if you wanted a hug. I would tell you that when you see your reflection in my eyes- you are beautiful, pure, undamaged but wronged. You are more than the sum of your body parts and you have rights. I would try to explain why it wasn't your fault even though you may feel unreasonable guilt. I would tell you that everytime someone RE-victimized you it wasn't because they meant to hurt you. That it was part of victim blame and the 'just world theory' and not a reflection on you. That they just don't understand rape trauma syndrome. They don't know how to help you - but a therapist might. I would try to prepare you for this world, find you a therapist, take you to a counselor and teach you coping skills like 'safe place'- a place in your mind where you can go when you need to feel control.

If you were my sister or brother I would love you no matter what.



"If you were my sister I would say that I was so sorry that this happened and that no matter what happened, it wasn't your fault. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise."



"If you were my sister.....I would tell you, that I love you for who you are right now...and to me that love will never change, that nothing that you've done in the past will change what I feel for you. And the present, all would be forgiven and forgotten.

As sisters, we are to love one another, and help each other. As a sister you are strong, loving, courageous, and have endured enough in life. You can lean on me in good times and bad, and that I'll always be there for you. Offering support and encouragement, advice, meant with good intentions. Together we can share our feelings and help one another.

As a sister, you are beautiful inside and out, and the inner you...has been untouched. The qualities about you, still make you, you, and that you are special just as you are...for your caring and compassionate ways. And you are not defined by what happened to you. Never.

As my sister, those feelings for you...will never go away...you are apart of heart and soul always. You are never alone...and never will be alone again. I will remind you of all the good and wonderful things about you...always.

As my sister, I love you and that will never change."



Thanks to Elektra for the idea and Jackie for passing it on to us.

(If you would like to have a message to your sisters or brothers posted here please pm me. I can also link your name to your site.)





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