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Hot Air from Greenhouse Gas Report Could Harm Public

Institute Condemns Conclusions of Majority Report to the President

Washington, December 13, 1995
Today's Majority "Car Talk" Report to the President on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, if implemented, will result in additional highway deaths and force poorer Americans out of their cars, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

"The policy recommendations in this report would place Americans in greater jeopardy than any risk posed by global warming," said Julie DeFalco, a policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "The best evidence shows that the effects of greenhouse gases will probably be minimal. On the ohter hand, there is no question that if carmakers are forced to build smaller cars in order to meet new, extremely stringent fuel standards that more people will die as a result," she added.

The report targets personal motor vehicles as one of the largest future sources of such gases, and calls for more stringent fuel economy standards, mandated alternative fuels, and restrictions on vehicle-miles traveled.

"This report seeks to make our cars lighter and less crashworthy, and to get us out of cars by forcing us to use fixed rail and public transportation. One can imagine few policies more likely to take away our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness," DeFalco commented.

"Rich people may be able to afford the luxury of an electric car, but most of the poor in America can benefit from the freedom of the car only if they are affordable and access to the roads is unfettered. Artifically high fuel prices to discourage driving (as the report recommends) will have the biggest impact on the poor. What about their rights and freedoms?" asks CEI President Fred Smith.

"Whatever global warming happens, it will not happen overnight. Drastic action may be the worst thing we can do. In the meantime, what about the people who are killed or injured in low- emission, low safety cars?" Smith asked.

CEI is a non-profit, non-partisan public interest group committed to advancing the principles of free enterprise and limited government. For more information, call Greg Smith at 202-331-1010.
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