Connecticut's accident experience

Here's some info from a notebook that someone recently sent us called "Connecticut's Highway Safety Plan, 1993." A little dated maybe, but the information is useful just the same.

In the section labeled "Problem Soulution Plan - Police Traffic Services" the opening paragraph reads:

"An analysis of the overall statewide accident experience in Connecticut continues to reveal that the greatest percentage of contributing factors in all reported accidents directly relate to driver error; thus reflecting specific and correctable mistakes."

Top 5 Contributing Factors: (1991, most recent)

  1. Following too closely: 25.75%
  2. Failure to yield right of way: 19.35%
  3. Driving too fast for conditions: 9.45%
  4. Loss of control: 7.5%
  5. Driver inattention: 4.8%
Nowhere do they mention speeding.

Note that there is a major difference between "speeding" (driving 1 mph or more over the posted limit) and "driving too fast for conditions" (traveling below the posted limit in fog, rain, etc.)

With this information, we wonder why Connecticut continues to believe that "speed kills". As you can see here, there are other things the CSP should worry about.

Taken from NMA's Home Page

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