Speed Limits

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In summary they are generally set too low. Not only on interstates but almost every road known in existence. An intense federal study proves just that. Speed limits should be set at the prevailing speed of traffic or higher.

The NMA's Model Speed Zoning Law
A set of standards that address the true problem by catching dangerous speeders and leaving safe speeders alone.

Effects of Raising and Lowering Speed Limits
A study that finds low speed limits are irrelevant!

They Say Speed Kills: We ask, 'How do you know?'
An excellent article by Car & Driver.

Speed Related Argument Database
A database that will help you disprove almost anything that the insurance companies or the like can throw at you.

Discussion Papers on Speed Limits and related issues
A lot of useful info touching on almost every major question.

Lying with Science
So you think those "speed kills" studies are valid? Think again!

Did the 65 mph Speed Limit Save Lives?
Yes, when you look at the big picture.

States' Attitudes Toward Speed Limits
What states' new speed limits will be now the the NMSL is a goner,
what their limits use to be and more!

Do Speed Limits Matter?
Yes, they generate pointless traffic tickets, undeserved insurance surcharges
and they disrupt traffic flow, among other things.

The Facade Crumbles
The argument that speeders have more accidents no longer holds water.

The Edge of the Wedge for Photo Radar
"Although most people remain opposed ... if the idea is packaged right, it can be sold"

Montana: The Great Experiment
An exclusive by me.

A legal Civil
Defense sign

Others positions on Speed Limits


State DOT Studies



Speed Limit News


Takes on Speed Limits

Speed Limit Enemies

Law and Driving in Other Countries


CNN's Coverage of the NMSL Repeal


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