The NMSL is like a band-aid

By, Bob Whitworth (
Dec 10, 1995

Let's draw a comparison: if you get a bad cut on your arm, you put a band- aid (c) on it until the cut heals. Even when you take the band-aid (c) off, the area around the cut still takes some time to get fully back to normal.

The federal 55 MPH speed limit was something outside the norm of good common sense. It was supposed to be a temporary measure, and yet, it lived 20 years longer than it should have. Now that this dumb law has been repealed, getting things back to normal is going to take some time. The band-aid (c) has been it's time for the country to heal.

And heal it will. As this is written, 5 of the 50 states are posting either 70 or 75 MPH speed limits. Higher speed limits are appearing on secondary, two-lane roads for the first time since 1974. Oklahoma will put up its 70 MPH signs on December 15th. Other states will follow suit. The prognosis, then, is very good and we should all be happy for that!

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