Crossing into other lanes--DRL usefulness?

The main argument for DRLs is that you can see oncoming traffic better.
 My question is:  Unless you are turning, why do you need to see
oncoming traffic?  Do you like to drive in the wrong lane if no one is
coming the other way?   I don't like DRLs because they take the drivers
attention off of the cars in his lane and the ones around him and focus
his attention to oncoming traffic.  Why?  Why do I need to see you
coming from 500 feet away?   If I'm going to turn, I'm sure that, even
with your lights off, I wouldn't be cutting in front of you if you are
this far away.  And, if you are close enough for an accident to occur,
I would see you without lights.  So, this being the case, why do I need
to have my attention diverted from my side of the road (especially on
divided roads) to the cars coming from the other way.  It makes no

It seems that the whole argument for DRLs is that you can see oncoming
traffic.  However, If you don't generally drive in the wrong lane and
you LOOK before you turn left in front of traffic, what will DRLs do
besides divert attention AWAY from the right side of the road and cause
more accidents?