Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

Hi all,
	So, the senate has repealed the 55mph law and the house
is expected to follow.  However, I haven't read anything positive
about it in any newspaper.  Every newspaper has paragraph after
paragraph of lies and damn lies from "consumer safety" advocates
who bitch and moan about the "carnage that will result".

	As a transportation engineer, I know that there have been
no credible studies that actually link speed limits to highway
fatalities  (actually speed does not kill, it is speed differential
that kills).  And there must be organizations out there like
the National Motorists Association that know this too.  Why aren't they
being given any air time in the media.  Ultmiately, with all this
brain washing going on, the federal government might decontrol the
freeways, but state governments may get worse.

	Any opinions or comments?

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