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>Hi all,

>	So, the senate has repealed the 55mph law and the house
>is expected to follow.  However, I haven't read anything positive
>about it in any newspaper.  Every newspaper has paragraph after
>paragraph of lies and damn lies from "consumer safety" advocates
>who bitch and moan about the "carnage that will result".

Yeah, the "carnage" such as that reported by the IIHS when the speed
limit was raised to 65.  Their nice, full-color report they sent me
showed how automobile deaths went up a few hundred.  Of course, they
neglected to take into account the number of miles driven, which would
have shown that the death rate decreased.  It is interesting that for
all their OTHER statistics they stated in deaths per 100,000 miles

>	As a transportation engineer, I know that there have been
>no credible studies that actually link speed limits to highway
>fatalities  (actually speed does not kill, it is speed differential
>that kills).  

This is why the repeal bothers me.  The asshole Democrats, who were
against repealing the limit in the first place, decided that they
would keep it for trucks and busses.  Now, we can have huge speed
differentials between cars and trucks.  That is perhaps the WORST
thing they could have done.

>And there must be organizations out there like
>the National Motorists Association that know this too.  Why aren't they
>being given any air time in the media.  Ultmiately, with all this
>brain washing going on, the federal government might decontrol the
>freeways, but state governments may get worse.

Yes, but who are the brain-dead idiots (i.e., the general public)
going to believe-- the "official" word, spouted by police officials,
insurance companies, and others who reap a literal fortune from
traffic tickets, or some organization who half the country hasn't even
heard of?  It's disgusting that this happens.  I wish there was a way
I could convert people, and get them to join the NMA.  Most people
look at me as if I asked them to join a cult...

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