Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

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John P. Curcio <jpc@philabs.philips.com> wrote:
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>Balaji Ramanathan <raman@ganymede.its.uci.edu> wrote:
>>	As a transportation engineer, I know that there have been
>>no credible studies that actually link speed limits to highway
>>fatalities  (actually speed does not kill, it is speed differential
>>that kills).  
>This is why the repeal bothers me.  The asshole Democrats, who were
>against repealing the limit in the first place, decided that they
>would keep it for trucks and busses.  Now, we can have huge speed
>differentials between cars and trucks.  That is perhaps the WORST
>thing they could have done.
I disagree with you.  Trucks weigh a lot more than cars, that means
that the faster that they travel, the greater the force will be at
impact.  PLus, it's also a well know fact that it takes longer to
stop a vehicle the faster the speed it has.  The best thing to do
is to be courteous to trucks and make sure that they're not
tailgating you.

And all Democrats aren't assholes.



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