Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

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    >> This is why the repeal bothers me.  The asshole Democrats, who
    >> were against repealing the limit in the first place, decided
    >> that they would keep it for trucks and busses.  Now, we can
    >> have huge speed differentials between cars and trucks.  That is
    >> perhaps the WORST thing they could have done.

    Cynthia> 	I believe in states with 65 mph limits, commercial
    Cynthia> traffic is limited to 55.

It's common to hear that "speed kills" when "speed differential's
kill" is probably more accurate.

Any state that raises speed limits (or eliminates them :-) should also
make passing on the right illegal.  If you have trucks going 55 mph
and cars going 80 mph (very common in Europe) you absolutely cannot
pass on the right. It will drive the accident rate up before you can
say "ouch". Making passing on the right illegal would also perhaps
make it quite acceptable (and legal?) for you to flash your lights at
a left lane hog because they would really, really be holding up
traffic with no excuses.

You should watch English drivers on their 3 lane motorways. If you
close in on a car in the middle lane it will probably move over to the
left if there is space. Really neat. People just move as far left as
is possible. It keeps traffic going as fast as possible. When was the
last time you saw some one do the equivalent of that in the US?

Shyamal Prasad
I speak for me, only me, and just me......

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