Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

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>You should watch English drivers on their 3 lane motorways. If you
>close in on a car in the middle lane it will probably move over to the
>left if there is space. Really neat. People just move as far left as
>is possible. It keeps traffic going as fast as possible. When was the
>last time you saw some one do the equivalent of that in the US?

Absolutely, positively right.  Furthermore, following this
protocol seems to result in  British drivers paying far more attention
to their surroundings than American drivers.  Since returning from
a business trip there it seems like American drivers in comparison are 
poking along 10-15 mph slower, but in a complete trance.  Listening
to the British traffic reports it seemed like there were far fewer
fender-benders on the greater London motorways than on the 
greater SF Bay Area freeways.

This is one instance where I'd like to some of our state officials
take a foreign junket at taxpayers expense.  It might open a few


John Reece
Not an Intel spokesman