Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

 plisker@netcom.com (Peter Lisker) writes:

>>Does any one know when this whole thing that "speed kills" started.  I 
>>know it started in America with the lowering of the speed limit to "55". 
>>However before then was the motto "Speed kills" never used any where 
>>(even in other countries).  Did the motto start at about teh same time in 
>>other countries.

The speed limit wasn't lowered to "55" because of some phony slogan like 
"speed kills", rather it was an attempt by the Federal Government to try to 
"save fuel" after the OPEC Oil Embargo of 1973-1974.

Eventually, the Federal Government BLACKMAILED states into lowering their 
speed limits to "55" by threatening to remove Federal Highway money.  I 
wouldn't be surprised if that ASSHOLE from New Jersey Lieberman was behind 
a lot of this crock over many of these years.

It's kind of shocking to think how those big, old, fat, wide, gas-guzzling 
cars with their bias-ply tires and drum brakes used to make it around regular 
old state highways at 75 mph (the legal limit in the state I lived in at that 
time).  Today's cars are so much more sophisticated.  But, hey, when someone 
picks you up in a taxpayer funded limosene and takes you to your cushy office 
in DC everyday for over 20 years then I guess you forget that there are many 
parts of the country where driving below 85 mph doesn't make a whole pile of