Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

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>Everyone has quoted that the speed limits serve as revenue enhancement
>devices for the police. Could someone please explain then why the speed
>limit fines are among the lowest fines in the CVC? If it were economically
>motivated, wouldn't they be higher. They are currently the cheepest fines
>you can pay for a motor vehical violation. 

Since you raise many points, I will stick with this one.  The reason why 
they are the lowest is that volume talks.  Do you really think they give 
out a littering ticket more than once or twice a week?  I doubt it.  But 
many times a day, ONE cop will issue who knows how many speeding tickets.

Now, if they made the penalty high, people would fight the tickets 
questioning the procedure and raising the cost of collection.  So, in 
order to keep the cost of collection down, they have to keep the 
motivation to fight it down.  They just pick at you one at a time.  
Meanwhile they have an army of paid lawyers doing their dirty work.  BTW, 
"they" are the municipal city governments.

Too bad they don't teach any law in public school.  And I don't mean "This
is what the law says, so OBEY!".  I mean teaching kids how to look up
statutes, codes regulations and cases.  They never teach kids how 
question the law.  I believe (after much reflection) that every kid 
should know how to fight a basic lawsuit as a defendant and a plaintiff.  
This way, they wouldn't have to rely on a (gasp) lawyer for their 
livelihood, they could effectively evaluate a law, and keep the 
government honest.

One example of knowing the law.  Been watching Bill Popejoy, our
illustrious Orange County CEO.  Bill has submitted a complaint regarding
Roger Stanton to the Foreman of the Orange County Grand jury.  He followed
procedures according to a little known law "state code 3060" as the OC
Register put it.  Actually it's Government Code 3060.Bill is taking this
action because a recall would take too long. Instead, all he would have 
to do is impeach Stanton with the Grand Jury.  Much quicker and cheaper.

This is the sort of thing politicians are DEATHLY afraid of.  The People.

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