Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

Chris Glasser <Chris.Glasser@ColumbiaSC.ATTGIS.COM> wrote:  
>While I don't completely agree with the AOL poster's statements, I think he
>makes some valid points. I also think you made some valid points about cops
>not giving tickets to people with license plates, etc. But I think you
>undermined the good points you made by doing stupid things like stereotyping a
>whole group of people and by making what I consider rediculous statements like
>driving 10,20, and 30 MPH over posted speed limits is perfectly safe.
Valid points?!  More like a lot of unsubstantiated statements...

I don't think advocating driving 10, 20, or yes, sometimes even 30 MPH over the
posted speed limit of 55 is a "rediculous" statement.  We were driving that
fast 20 years ago without shoulder belts, air bags, disc brakes, radial tires,
"crumple zones", and hundreds of other safety improvements.  It would seem
to me that it is perfectly reasonable to at least return to the speed limits
that were in place in 1973 when we were driving huge, unsafe, land cruisers.

Ernie P.