Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

aaprrb@aol.com (AAPR RB) wrote:

>Have you ever driven to Vegas (where speed is king) and not come across a
>fatal/serious accadent? Have you noticed how many miles you can drive in
>the city at slower speeds, with more cars and have fewer serious

Ummm, yes, in fact, I have driven to Vegas and not seen a fatal accident.
You could close your eyes and drive off the road and most likely the only
thing you'd hit would be a tumbleweed!  This is one of the most obvious
places where the 55 (or 65) MPH speed limit is a joke.

>Have you noticed that the people most in favor of eliminating the speed
>laws and fighting tickets live in the rural areas of the state where you
>have to go 20 miles through peach groves just to get to the next town?

Duh.  People in rural areas that routinely cover long distances want to go

>Mark my words now. I am saying this on the record. If the speed limits are
>raised by 20 MPH or more there will be an immediate increase in accidents
>and fatalities in those cars not equipped with air bags. The greatest
>increase will be of people under 30 years old.

Will there be an increase in accidents?  There could be a temporary blip as
people adjust to driving faster, but since most traffic is moving at 70
anyway, I don't expect much change.  We need to emphasize driver education
and training in this country, not enforcement of speed laws.

Ernie P.

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