Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

aaprrb@aol.com (AAPR RB) writes:

>Everyone has quoted that the speed limits serve as revenue enhancement
>devices for the police. Could someone please explain then why the speed
>limit fines are among the lowest fines in the CVC? If it were economically
>motivated, wouldn't they be higher. They are currently the cheepest fines
>you can pay for a motor vehical violation. 

That isn't true. In the city of Atlanta the minimum fine for speeding
currently is $72 (up-to 15 over the limit).
 For traffic-light violation it's $65.

that my experience (according to my record).
John Alexiou
Internet: ja72@prism.gatech.edu, or gt4495c@prism.gatech.edu