Re: Repeal of the National Speed Limit Law

>>Have you ever driven to Vegas (where speed is king) and not come across a
>>fatal/serious accadent? Have you noticed how many miles you can drive in
>>the city at slower speeds, with more cars and have fewer serious
>Sorry I can not comment on this one isolated situation.

PL> Well I for one can. It's one thing to see an armadillo or a 
PL> dead skunk in the middle of the road. It's a lot different feeling when
PL> when the "roadkill" is (was) a human being. And let me assure you this
PL> is NOT an isolated situation. I have worked very closely with people
PL> who work on the bridges and highways (particularly but not at all
PL> limited to I-80) and have seen more "roadkill" than I care to 
PL> remember.

>>Mark my words now. I am saying this on the record. If the speed limits are
>>raised by 20 MPH or more there will be an immediate increase in accidents
>>and fatalities in those cars not equipped with air bags. The greatest
>>increase will be of people under 30 years old.

PL> And also people OVER 65 (or whatever).
PL> When my father was temporarily incapacitated I PLEADED with the DMV to
PL> NOT let him drive but they were ready to give him his license back.  
PL> The only reason he wasn't on the road was because I essentially took his
PL> car away from him. He's fine now (and also grateful).

>I hope I have made my point quite clear.  The slogen "speed kills" is a 
>big misconception that almost every one belives but the NMA and the few 
>intelligent non-NMA members out there. 

PL> I believe you are dead wrong here.
PL> I had the chance to speak with a man by the name of Dr. Bill Wattenberg
PL> the other day. (He's the guy who was responsible in a large part for 
PL> gettingroads & bridges back in place so quickly after the Northridge 
PL> Quake...
PL> we're still waiting up here in SF). If I unsterstood him correctly, 
PL> even though 65 is only 18% greater than 55 the FORCE OF IMPACT is
PL> *40%* greater. Same goes for gasoline consumption in the average car.
PL> Even if he is in error here you don't have to be a physics major to
PL> to figure out that if you hit a brick wall, another vehicle or 
PL> whatever you have a greater chance of being hurt the faster you are
PL> travelling. AND the extra gas you are using today means your kids will
PL> have to pay more for this non renewable resource in the future. I'm not
PL> saying people should drive 55 in the fast lane as it's both ILLEGAL and
PL> dangerous (not to mention selfish) to do so. I DO think there are 
PL> places where 65 (or whatever) is appropriate. Unfortunately as people
PL> age their reflexes slow down and since we have to share the road with
PL> these people we need to remember that not everybody has the reflexes of
PL> Indy 500 drivers (except of course all of us who read this group :).

PL> Even if we extract every last barrell of oil from the Arctic and offshore
PL> reserves, eventually we will run out. So until we can find alternative
PL> ways of powering our vehicles what's wrong with driving without a lead
PL> foot on the gas pedal and slowing down a bit.

PL> One last thought. If everybody in the country would just do something
PL> real simple and make sure their vehicles are properly tuned and that
PL> their tires are correctly inflated we'd save just that much more fuel for
PL> for our kids. Yes I know this can sometimes be a great sacrifice but I'd
PL> rather do that than have to send my kid off to some foreign land to die
PL> so that I can drive as fast as I goddamn please.

PL> Wheteher or not you agree with me on any of the above points I hope you
PL> will all drive defensively and that if we DO ever run into eachother
PL> it won't be on the highway :).


                    "When you vote for the lesser of two evils,
		     you still end up with EVIL!" - anon